ExamOnline Features:

End to End Solution

A completely hosted and managed online solution for Exam Creation and Exam Administration, we take care of everything.

  1. No software to purchase
  2. No IT system to maintain
  3. Fully Hosted and Managed Solutions


Test generation:
  1. Create multiple test categories for various subjects or courses.
  2. Create multiple tests under those categories or courses.
  3. Create Objective as well as Subjective questions for each test.
  4. Randomize sequence of questions and responses.
  5. Format questions as well as responses as per your requirements.
  6. Include images in questions as well as responses.
  7. Color coding for responses of questions.
  8. Create re-usable question banks.


  1. Preview questions while setting up the questions.
  2. Preview tests before finalizing and publishing.


Scoring and Results:
  1. Multiple Scoring Patterns like -- scoring per option, negative marking, etc. are available.
  2. Configure when to publish results-- immediately after the exam or on a specific date.
  3. Examiners can add feedback along with the score for each of the subjective questions.


Examinee Registration:
  1. One step examinee registration with the help of a simple online form.
  2. Bulk Registration of examinees.


Automated Email Communication:
  1. For conveying exam details to each examinee.
  2. For conveying Exam dates, Result dates, Results, etc.

Client List

Client's Testimonials

The Diversified Business Solutions system saved us time and money. It also increased transparency and security in our exam management process. Our students can now get accurate and quick feedback, enhancing their learning experience. The system is available to users 24x7, providing unmatched user experience and convenience. We are very satisfied with the system, and wish Diversified Business Solutions all the success!

Dr. B. B. Singh
Principal, MMMEC


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