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Diversified Business Solutions is a company committed to providing the next level of user-friendly, intelligent services to manage, market, and monetize registration and exam processes. We provide all the software tools, host and deliver the service to your clients, and offer a highly attractive business model: we create more revenue for you at costs that are lower than your current costs. We have developed our services in close collaboration with some of the leading educational institutions and businesses in India and internationally. Our clients include internationally recognized universities, professional colleges, and companies. Diversified Business Solutions has offices in India, Europe and USA, and is managed and advised by professionals with IIT/IIM backgrounds. Diversified Business Solutions brings you the following two significant products which simplify the online examination and registration process like never before.


Online Examination SoftwareCreating and conducting online examinations is just a Click away!

Registration Online

Online Registration SoftwarePaper free and hassel free eRegistration is just a Click away!

What is ExamOnline?

ExamOnline is an Exam Engine which allows you to create and conduct computer based exams over the Internet as well as Intranet. ExamOnline is a result of our three decades of experience in the academic domain nationally and internationally, which makes it the most efficient and cost-effective exam management solution available in the market.

This user friendly online application allows you to:

  1. Create Exams with Objective as well as Subjective Questions
  2. Create Exams in Multiple Languages
  3. Manage Exams and Examinees
  4. Register Examinees Online
  5. Automate communication with Examinees
Who can use it?

ExamOnline can be used by anybody who has a fair knowledge of computers. It does NOT demand any technical expertise.

To whom it is useful?

ExamOnline is useful to anybody who wants to create and conduct computer based exams over the Internet or Intranet. ExamOnline is useful to all of the following:

  1. Universities and Educational Institutes: For Entrance Exams, Internal Tests, etc.
  2. Corporates : For campus and lateral hiring
  3. e-learning organizations; For Online Pre-tests, Post-tests, etc.
  4. Training Institutions to conduct practice tests for Entrance Exams like CAT, GMAT, etc.
What is Registration Online?

RegistrationOnline is an online application that helps you transform your conventional application process to a paper-free and simplified Online Registration process.

This standalone user-friendly tool allows you to create, design and host online Application Forms for

  1. Online Admissions in Colleges and other Academic Institutions
  2. Enrolling candidates for Exams, Seminars or Workshops
  3. Receiving Online Payments from the Registrants
  4. Automating communication with Registrants
  5. Creating custom reports to procure desired data
Who can use it?

RegistrationOnline has a simplified and intuitive user interface which helps you create, design, and manage your application forms. The application also provides user assistance with relevant hints.

All in all, RegistrationOnline, does NOT demand any technical expertise; anybody who has a fair knowledge of computers can use this application

To whom is it useful?

RegistrationOnline is useful to all the following:

  1. Universities, Educational Institutes, and Training Institutions: Registrations for Admissions, Entrance Exams, etc
  2. Corporates: Enrollments for Seminars, Workshops, or Internal Trainings, etc.
  3. e-learning organizations: Online enrollments for E-learning courses

Client List

Client's Testimonials

The Diversified Business Solutions system saved us time and money. It also increased transparency and security in our exam management process. Our students can now get accurate and quick feedback, enhancing their learning experience. The system is available to users 24x7, providing unmatched user experience and convenience. We are very satisfied with the system, and wish Diversified Business Solutions all the success!

Dr. B. B. Singh
Principal, MMMEC


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